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Register Mission

Welcome to the Porsche Club of America’s GT2/3/Cup Special Interest Group (SIG) and Register. This register has been established in 2011 to enhance your PCA membership and extend its benefits as it relates to the ownership of the Porsche GT cars.  The scope of this register is currently limited to GT2/RS, GT3/RS, and GT3 Cup cars.

Register Mission

As part of the Porsche Club of America (PCA), the GT2/3/Cup Car Register’s goals are to enhance the value to your PCA membership by being a source of technical information, providing a venue for exchanging experiences and sharing common interests, organizing events in which our members can make personal connections, and acting as a conduit for our members to Porsche Car North America (PCNA), Porsche Motorsports North America (PMNA) and Porsche AG (PAG). We strive to be the voice of our members within the PCA and to Porsche.

The GT2/3/Cup Car Register is primarily focused on members who own one of the Porsche 911 GT variant vehicles, high-performance driving education and motorsports. Our administration team members all own at least one 911 GT variant, including GT3 Cup Cars, and each have been intimately involved in many different projects and activities with their vehicles. Their experience and knowledge will directly benefit our members. In addition, with the close relations that PCA has established with PCNA and PAG, and other equipment manufacturers, we are confident of our unique value proposition for our community.

For us to achieve our mission, we are looking forward to hearing from all of our members on how to best meet your expectations from the Club, SIG and enhance your ownership of these finest automobiles. We welcome all feedback without reservations and appreciate all perspectives.

Of course we could not have built this community and keep maintaining it without their tireless efforts and endless sacrifices of our volunteer administrative members. Our Register’s administration team is composed of these volunteers that I would like to specifically recognize and extend my personal and sincere gratitude to:

·       Pete Hitesman (aka Trackrat), Vice Advocate

·       John Hua (aka Mooty), Vice Advocate

·       Glen Gatlin (aka Glen), Vice Advocate

·       Larry Cable, Vice Advocate

·       Larry Herman, Vice Advocate

·       TRAKCAR, Vice Advocate

We also would like to thank the PCA Executive Council for their support, and recognize several individuals, without whom we could not have turned the idea into reality:

·       Manny Alban, PCA National President

·       John Straub, PCA National Register Groups Coordinator

·       Vu Nguyen, PCA National Executive Director

·       Paul Gregor, Porsche AG Club Coordinator

·       Michael Souza, PCA Cayman Register Advocate

·       Bob Purgason, PCA Boxster Register Advocate

·       Miles Beach, PCA Florida Citrus Region VP and Boxster Register Administrator

·       Joshua Saia, PCA National IT Team

·       Mike Selner, PCA National IT Team


Each of our advocates and vice advocates are here to assist you with any issues or discuss any opinions you might have, please feel free to contact us through email and/or our web portal, we will do everything possible to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Additionally, we are deeply thankful for all the support that PCNA, PMNA and PAG have been providing; including technical, marketing and branding.

I would also like to thank our members for being part of our community; without your participation I am certain that our ownership experience would not be the same; thank you.  It is always about the people.


Fatih Selekler

PCA GT2/3/Cup Car Register Advocate

aka FTS


What Are SIGs and Registers?

What is a Register and SIG?

Your car is the member of the Register if you have provided us with the VIN information, however you join the SIG.  There's no charge for Register or Special Interest Group (SIG) membership, it is part of your annual membership benefits to the PCA, and we are supported only by the PCA for non-commercial purposes, serving as your advocate for your Porsche ownership. The GT2/3/Cup Care SIG is a sub-unit of the Porsche Club of America (PCA); therefore It complies with the general objectives of PCA, i.e.

"To encourage the highest standard of safety and courtesy on the highways, and to increase the enjoyment of owning a Porsche by the exchange of technical information and by engaging in such automotive and social events as may be agreeable to the members"

The GT2/3/Cup Car SIG & Register provides a focal point for owners of Porsche GT vehicles to be able to discuss and learn more about these particular models and create a community of PCA members with similar interests in the vehicles and motorsports.

What About Privacy?

How About Privacy?

The information you provide us during registration is contained within PCA only; it is not shared with any external entities or persons.  Our administrative team and our web portal moderators are able to view the information; however, they are bound by our privacy rules and code of ethics.  Your VIN information is not shared with any manufacturer and is only used for tracking vehicle history in order to assist with troubleshooting problems that may occur.

What Is In It For Me?

What's in it for me?

There are many benefits to being part of the GT2/3/Cup Car SIG. These include being a part of a friendly network of owners with whom you can discuss the pros and cons of just about any issue pertaining to your car, events and social settings. Whatever interests you may have or problems you may encounter with your car, it is likely that other SIG members have probably had a similar experience and could give you advice. In addition, our administrative team and the PCA organization has considerable knowledge and experience with these vehicles, and we will assist wherever we can to resolve any issues and enhance your ownership experience with your vehicle.  Additionally, we participate in many PCA events, organize gatherings in which you will have the chance to meet some of the most passionate Porsche owners and fun individuals.  The community only gains strength with each member’s participation and the value of our SIG increases proportionally.


Member Titles and Logos, What Do They Mean?

Member Titles and Logos, What Do They Mean?

As you may have noticed there are different member titles displayed under the user names and various logos appear as well.  If you are wondering what all mean:

PCA Member – These are members that we have been able to confirm their PCA membership against the national database. This is the basic requirement for participating in our Register as it is supported by their membership dues and is a service of PCA to its members. By becoming a member of our community, in essence they become part of the “PCA Special Interest Group,” or SIG.

Registered PCA Members – These members have chosen to provide their GT or primary vehicle’s VIN, essentially registering the vehicle with our private and confidential database. So the member is part of the SIG and their vehicle is part of our Register.  From a web portal permissions, scope and functionality perspectives, they have the exact same level of privileges as PCA Members.

PCA Officer – These members are PCA officials representing the national, regional or zones.

DE Instructor Logo – This logo appears for members that are verified against the PCA National database as a PCA National DE Instructor.

PCA Logo – This logo appears for members that are PCA Officers.

911 GT3 RSR Profile Picture – Represents our members that are participating in amateur or professional racing.


By making this type of identification simple for our members, we hope to give you the chance to contact, interact and discuss topics that are relevant to each individual’s background.  Should you have any suggestions for us, please feel free to contact our administrative team at any time.

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