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Originally Posted by SH || NC View Post
What are the differences between a Sprint engine and a standard Cup engine? And why go with that build spec? Is a Sprint engine a PMNA build spec?
My sprint engine is closer (or exact) to RSR specs, closer to ALMS specs like Flying Lizard in a 3.6 liter configurations. For instance rather than a club race spec or a regular cup specification, it is a pure top of the line 911 spec racer engine with the corresponding higher rev limit and lighter internals. Normally that means more horsepower, more torque, more expensive parts to get the horsepower and torque as compared to a lower spec cup engine.

It has been conveyed to me that there are so many special parts in the RSR Sprint engines that PMS will not sell those parts to (any?) most shops.

I am the third owner of the car. First owner did all of the modifications. I thought that I could get close to 60 hours out of the sprint engine before rebuild, but I was never told that I could. I was always told that anything over 35 hours is risking much.

My choices now are rebuild 3.6 RSR spec, 3.8 RSR spec, 4.0 RSR spec, 3.6 Cup Spec, or 3.8 Cup spec. PMS says that the cup engines should only go 50 to 60 hours, but many people push them to close to 100 hours.

So I am at a crossroads as to what to do. Currently I have a lot of specific RSR parts including wiring harness and ECU. I am not sure what if anything might change if I went to a regular cup engine. The electronics/ECU work perfectly right now so I am reluctant to change anything there. I am leaning on having PMS rebuild the 3.6 at a Sprint spec (once I save up the money to have it done).

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